Help Your Student Prevent the Summer Slide

In the article, Slowing the Summer Slide, by Lorna Smith, she states: "In a comprehensive analysis published by the RAND Corporation, McCombs and colleagues (2011) note that elementary students' performance falls by about a month during the summer, but the decline is far worse for lower-income students."
What Can You Do to Help Your Child Over the Summer? 
  • Schedule time each day (20-30 minutes) to work on reading, math, and other subjects they have an interest in.  
  • There are many resources online for your child to engage in and most are free. 
  • Don’t “hope” that your child will do these on their own...supervise their efforts and reward them at the end of the week.
  • Get out and have fun with your children: museums, road trips, family game night, cooking, and read together!
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