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Puma Pod Overview

What is a Puma Pod?


In an effort to support working parents, GVA-N will offer “Puma Pods,” small group student supervision during the day for grades K-5. This will be a chance for students to engage independently in remote learning in a safe and productive environment. Puma Pods will be based on enrollment interest and staffing availability. Support staff members in these pods will not provide instruction to participating students.


How is a Puma Pod different from traditional learning?


“Puma Pods” will not be staffed by teachers as they will be doing remote learning. The pods will be staffed by non-teaching staff members that do not have an assigned classroom. Direct instruction will not be offered in a Puma Pod. The primary teaching responsibility will remain with the student's assigned teachers. The goal of Puma Pod staff will be to keep students safe and on task during remote learning. While pod leaders will encourage students to stay on task, it will not be their responsibility to ensure the academic success of each student. Parents will still need to be involved in their child’s remote learning in order for them to be successful.


How is a Puma Pod different from students doing remote learning at home?

Students at home or in a Puma Pod will be participating in the same remote learning from their teacher within Google Classroom. Students at home will have opportunities to connect with their teacher remotely, as will the students in Puma Pods.


Can I request my child be placed in a Puma Pod with friends?

We will be grouping siblings together within Puma Pods, when feasible. Requests will not be taken for classmates and friends to be grouped together in Puma Pods. These pods will not be organized by grade or immersion language.