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Return to Learning Announcement

August 5, 2020
Dear GVA Families,
The GVA-N Board of Directors met last night and voted unanimously to accept the return to school plan which recommends starting the year remotely. GVA-N will align with Adams 12 in that all learning will be remote until at least September 25, 2020, at which time the situation will be re-evaluated. 
This decision was not an easy one and we realize that it is tough on parents. As an added support, we will be offering Puma Pods, small groups of supervised students from 8 am-12 pm daily for which parents can apply. Village Square will be open from 12 pm-6 pm for pay. Please see the return to school plan for a link to apply for 12 pm-6 pm Village Square. Similar to the Puma Pods, students will be selected via lottery.
The plan details important information on how remote learning will work. We highly encourage parents to read all portions that apply to them. The application link for Puma Pods is included in the plan document.
Please note that the first day of school has been moved to August 24, 2020. While this year will certainly be unique, we are still excited to resume teaching and working toward student fluency and literacy in both English and a second world language. GVA-N’s mission has not changed and academics will continue to be at the forefront of all decisions.
Thank you for your partnership in education!
Estimadas familias de GVA:
La Junta Directiva de GVA-N se reunió anoche y votó por unanimidad para aceptar el plan vinculado de regreso a la escuela que recomienda comenzar el año de forma remota. GVA-N se alineará con Adams 12 en que todo el aprendizaje será remoto hasta al menos el 25 de septiembre de 2020, momento en el cual la situación será reevaluada.
Esta decisión no fue fácil y nos damos cuenta de que es difícil para los padres. Como apoyo adicional, ofreceremos Puma Pods, pequeños grupos de estudiantes supervisados ​​de 8 am a 12 pm diariamente para que los padres puedan aplicar. Village Square estará abierto de 12 pm a 6 pm por pago. Consulte el plan de regreso a la escuela para obtener un enlace para solicitar de 12 p.m. a 6 p.m. Village Square. Al igual que los Puma Pods, los estudiantes serán seleccionados por sorteo.
El plan detalla información importante sobre cómo funcionará el aprendizaje remoto. Recomendamos encarecidamente a los padres que lean todas las porciones que les corresponden. El enlace de la aplicación para Puma Pods se incluye en el documento del plan.
Tenga en cuenta que el primer día de clases se ha trasladado al 24 de agosto de 2020. Si bien este año ciertamente será único, todavía estamos entusiasmados por reanudar la enseñanza y trabajar para lograr la fluidez y la alfabetización de los estudiantes en inglés y un segundo idioma mundial. La misión de GVA-N no ha cambiado y lo académico continuará como una de nuestras prioridades en todas las decisiones.
¡Gracias por su asociación en educación!
July 29, 2020 Virtual GVA NG Town Hall
July 27, 2020 
Dear GVA Parents:
As districts announce their reopening plans, our Return to School Committees have been hard at work ironing out details of the GVA-Northglenn plan. As of today, our draft plan includes two options: 
  • Fully In-Person: 5 days a week for all grades
  • Fully Remote: a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning done at home
Safety precautions and procedures are outlined in our draft Return to School Plan found here. Details for the fully remote option, called GVA Virtual, can be found here. We are asking that parents review both documents before making a decision. Additionally, we are having a virtual town hall this Wednesday, July 29 at 6:00 pm during which we would like parent feedback on the current plan. Information for accessing this meeting is below:
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 949 9122 4561
Passcode: Northglenn
One tap mobile
+16699006833,,94991224561#,,,,,,0#,,8325399598# US (San Jose)
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Dial by your location
        +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
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        +1 646 876 9923 US (New York)
        +1 301 715 8592 US (Germantown)
        +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
  • Meeting ID: 949 9122 4561
  • Passcode: 8325399598
Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/audQs1kEU
The meeting will be recorded and posted on the website for anyone that cannot attend live. We will also have live translation options for both Russian and Spanish.
Additional Feedback:
If you would like to submit questions in advance of the town hall, you are encouraged to do so via this link.
Estimados padres de GVA:
A medida que los distritos anuncian sus planes de reapertura, nuestros Comités de Regreso a la Escuela han trabajado arduamente para resolver los detalles del plan GVA-Northglenn. A partir de hoy, nuestro borrador del plan incluye dos opciones:
  • Totalmente en persona: 5 días a la semana para todos los grados
  • Totalmente remoto: una combinación de aprendizaje sincrónico y asincrónico realizado en casa
Las precauciones y procedimientos de seguridad se describen en nuestro borrador del Plan de Regreso a la Escuela que se encuentra aquí. Los detalles para la opción totalmente remota, llamada GVA Virtual, se pueden encontrar aquí. Les pedimos a los padres que revisen ambos documentos antes de tomar una decisión. Además, tenemos una reunión virtual este miércoles 29 de julio a las 6 p.m., durante el cual nos gustaría recibir comentarios de los padres sobre el plan actual. La información para acceder a esta reunión está a continuación:
Unirse a la reunión de Zoom
ID de la reunión: 949 9122 4561
Código de acceso: Northglenn
One tap mobile
+ 16699006833`` 94991224561 # ,,,,,, 0 # ,, 8325399598 # US (San José)
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Marque por su ubicación
        +1 669 900 6833 EE. UU. (San José)
        +1 253 215 8782 EE. UU. (Tacoma)
        +1346248 7799 EE. UU. (Houston)
        +1408638 0968 EE. UU. (San José)
        +1646476 9923 EE. UU. (Nueva York)
        +1301715 8592 EE. UU. (Germantown)
        +1312626 6799 EE. UU. (Chicago)
  • ID de la reunión: 949 9122 4561
  • Código de acceso: 8325399598
Encuentra tu número local: https://zoom.us/u/audQs1kEU
La reunión se grabará y se publicará en el sitio web para cualquier persona que no pueda asistir en vivo. También tendremos opciones de traducción en vivo para ruso y español.
Comentarios adicionales:
Si desea enviar preguntas antes de la reunión, le recomendamos que lo haga a través de este enlace.
July 13, 2020
If you have not filled it out, please do so ASAP here. While nothing is set in stone, here is some further information and details that were discussed in the last week:
  1. Remote learning will likely require a commitment from parents to support students at home to some extent. While we can create a temporary remote learning environment, we do not have the resources to create a robust online school. This will mean working with teachers to make sure students are completing lessons and hitting the same milestones as their in-person peers. We may also request that students attend in-person for occasional assessments.
  2. Once a student chooses the fully remote learning option, they may need to stay with this choice for a full semester. Students that choose in-person learning can switch to remote at any time, but may be required to stay remote for the remainder of the semester.
  3. Students that choose to homeschool (meaning not doing GVA-N’s remote learning option, but choosing some other program) will likely lose their spot at GVA-N.
  4. Staff will be provided with face shields and will wear them whenever they are working within 6 feet of students. Masks will be encouraged.
  5. Policies around informing families of infection within the community are being developed now.
  6. GVA-N has entered into a nursing contract with Children’s Hospital Colorado to create health and safety policies and procedures.
  7. The comfort and health of staff is just as important as that of students. Staff concerns and feedback are always taken into consideration when making decisions.
As an administrator, I never take decisions lightly. Our leadership team, along with parents and staff are working hard to develop as safe and meaningful a learning environment as possible. I recently read an article that I felt expressed the decision about returning to school well. There should not be different “teams” based on the opinions of whether opening schools in fall is the right choice. We are one team that is working to educate students and protect both students and school staff the best we can. There is no perfect option but rather a challenge that lies before us that we must unite together for in order to best support our children. This will require flexibility and discipline, but most of all compassion and kindness. I am hopeful that the GVA-N community will come together this fall, whether in person or in spirit, to make the best possible situation for our kids. 
Together in education,
Nicole Wetzel
Dear GVA Families,
The Leadership Team, along with the help of several teachers and parents, has developed an initial draft plan for our return to school this fall. Keep in mind that this is just an outline and is subject to change based on recommendations by the Tri-County Health Department as well as the Colorado Department of Education. 
Please complete one survey per family. If your plans change before the start of school, you will still be able to change your selection during the formal registration process later in the summer. To the extent your child is on an IEP or 504 Plan, choices related to online-only learning may need to be reviewed with your child’s IEP or 504 Team.
The highlights are below:
  • All students will be in school 5 days a week, 8 am-3:15 pm (K-5) and 7:45 am-3:15 pm (6-8) 
  • Students will be kept in cohorts of 25 students or less
  • Students will not mix with any students outside of that cohort of 25
  • Lunch and breakfast dining will be modified to provide social distancing between cohorts (through the use of the cafeteria, outdoor space and classrooms, when necessary)
Safety Precautions
While the details have not been 100% decided, we are planning at minimum the following:
  • Daily temperature checks for all students and staff (anyone with a fever will not be allowed to stay)
  • Masks will be worn in common areas (hallways, lobby, restrooms, etc…) but will not be required in classrooms
  • Teachers will travel to classrooms rather than students when possible and/or practicable.
  • Students will have their own supplies and will not share with peers
  • Classrooms will be cleaned and sanitized daily
  • Students will stay in cohorts for lunch and will rotate between the cafeteria, outdoor dining facilities and at times, classrooms.
  • Bathrooms and other common areas will be cleaned and sanitized several times during the day
  • Only students and staff will be allowed past the glass doors or to classrooms.
  • Regular hand washing will be required and encouraged.
  • Strict social distancing protocols will be established for common areas (ie…lobby, hallways, bathrooms)
  • Recess will be staggered, divided into smaller groups and assigned to specific areas of the playground with sanitization practices in place between classes
  • All school events such as assemblies, plays, concerts, back-to-school nights, etc. will be placed on hiatus or will be redesigned for an on-line platform until further notice.
  • All field trips and/or other activities outside of school will be canceled.
Specifics around after school care (Village Square) will be made at a later date. There will be no Encore classes or athletics for at least the first quarter.
Fully Remote Option
  • Parents that do not feel comfortable sending their child back to school under the above precautions will have the option of a GVA online learning program.
In the event that health officials mandate smaller cohorts (for example, 10 students per class), GVA will do our best to maintain and offer the option of a 5 day school week for all students. In this particular scenario, students would spend half of their time with their teacher in person and half of their time doing online learning AT SCHOOL in a socially distanced computer lab. 
Let Us Know Your Decision
Given the above information, we need to know who will be choosing the in-person learning option and who will be staying fully remote for the fall semester. As such, we are asking parents to let us know your choice so we can prepare and revise our plans. Please fill out the following Enrollment Update form no later than July 8, 2020, to secure your spot at Global Village Academy Northglenn.
Thank you for your patience as we navigate this situation.
GVA-N Admin