World Language Homeschool Enrichment Program

woman with child and a globe2020-2021 Program Overview
Global Village Academy World Language Homeschool Enrichment Program (HEP) is a one day a week instructional model designed to provide enrichment opportunities for homeschooled elementary children.
What languages do you offer? We plan to offer Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. However, our classes are dependent on enrollment of 8 students per class. The Mandarin class will be on Tuesday. The Spanish class will be on Thursday. Classes will begin the week after Labor Day.
Will classes be in person or online? This year we will offer an online-only option for homeschool enrichment. Students will have a virtual class one day a week with direct instruction, games, and projects. A portion of the day will be teacher-led as a whole group with live and interactive lessons and the other portion will be student-led with guidance from the teacher. Students will work at their own pace at home on this portion.
Can I enroll my child even if I am homeschooling my child? Yes. The program is not considered a homeschool, but rather an enrichment for students who are currently being homeschooled. For funding purposes, students are considered to be enrolled in GVA part-time though, and may not attend another public school education program simultaneously.
What is the cost? Tuition is free for students attending the homeschool enrichment program.
What are the class sizes? We try to keep our classes small, with 8 to 15 children per class.
Are your classes mixed ages or broken down by grades? Our classes are mixed ages K-8. If we have a big enough class, we would divide the class by age.
What does the students’ day look like? The school day will be from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Classes will be set up on Google Classroom and all instruction and assignments will take place through this platform. Students will have teacher-led direct instruction and guided instruction daily from 9:00 am to 11:00 am daily. After that, students will be given video instruction and assignments that they can work on for the rest of the day. Students will receive language instruction through a variety of project-based activities. The theme of the program is Passport Around the World. Children learn/expand their new language through a variety of arts/crafts, music, games, and projects.
Will my child be able to learn the language if they are only in the classroom one day a week? Your child will be learning a lot of language during their time with the teacher and on their own. You will be provided with additional online resources so your child can continue to practice the language at home throughout the week. We recommend they spend some time each day practicing the language.
Does your program have required homework? Teachers will assign work on the Google Classroom page. Students will work through this at their own pace since the entire school day is not interactive/live lessons. Students may complete this work during the day of the homeschool class or throughout the week. If you feel the work is too much or not enough, please contact your teacher and workload can be adjusted accordingly.
Can we participate in activities that Global Village Academy offers? Yes, you are part of the GVA family. Please sign up for the GVA Newsletter to stay connected to the school and events. On the school website, scroll down to the bottom and click Sign Up For Newsletter
How do I register my child? Go to Scroll down to the Intent to Enroll button. You will be completing the Intent to Enroll at this point. Please pick Northglenn Homeschool Once you have completed the Intent to Enroll and have clicked submit, our registrar, Prima Gonzales will send you an application that must be submitted. Once this application is submitted, we will work with you to ensure that your child is registered for the appropriate homeschool class.
kids in traditional peruvian outfitsWhat’s great about Global Village Academy?
The languages being offered to ALL students!
The diversity- we have students, teachers, and families from all over the world.
The community- if you get involved at GVA, you will meet so many wonderful people who are just as excited as you are about exposing their child to language and culture. We are truly a Global Village!
Please reach out to Adrienne Doherty at with additional questions.