The Summer Slide

Reading and math skills seem to suffer the most. We know that our families stepped up and helped with remote learning and we hope that they continue learning over the summer!
In the article, Slowing the Summer Slide, by Lorna Smith, she states: "In a comprehensive analysis published by the RAND Corporation, McCombs and colleagues (2011) note that elementary students' performance falls by about a month during the summer, but the decline is far worse for lower-income students."
What Can You Do to Help Your Child Over the Summer? 
  • Schedule time each day (20-30 minutes) working on reading, math, and other subjects they have interest in.  
  • There are many resources online for your child to engage in and most are free. 
  • Don’t “hope” that your child will do these on their own...supervise their efforts and reward them at the end of the week.
  • Get out and have fun with your children: short hikes or long walks, backyard sprinklers or a campout, geocaching, family game night, cooking, and read together!
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