A Note From Our New Gifted and Talented Coordinator

Dear GVA Families,
Global Village Academy Northglenn follows Colorado Department of Education’s regulations and recommendations for gifted and talented programs. We screen students at two grade levels: 2nd and 6th grades. This year’s screenings will take place the first and second week of October for both grades. More detailed information on gifted and talented identification can be found on our website here.
Once a student has been identified as gifted and talented, the process of writing their Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) begins.
The ALP serves as a guide for: 
  • Enhancing instruction to meet the needs of students with outstanding potential
  • Accommodations that support advanced levels of performance in the areas of strength and/or embed talent(s) into core subjects
ALP goals will encourage students to:
  • Take control of their learning 
  • Have a deeper understanding of their learning style and become strength based learners 
  • Become a driver in improving their education 
  • Acquire learning skills that will apply to learning situations in life 
  • Develop a greater sense of their abilities and become autonomous
GT services at GVA-N may include:
  • Co-teaching by the gifted education coordinator in the regular classroom.
  • Pull-out programs: The student meets with the GT coordinator in a specific subject for a short period of time, but spends most of the time in the regular classroom.
  • Cluster grouping: School-based model where gifted students are placed together in a regular classroom.
  • Ability grouping: Content-based groups of students working at the same level in the regular classroom.
  • Curriculum compacting: Using the same materials but moving through the content at a faster pace and/or in greater depth for students who excel.
  • Acceleration of content.
  • Enrichment opportunities.
The main job of the gifted education coordinator is to collaborate with classroom teachers and support them in differentiating instruction for gifted and talented learners, as well as assist in writing advanced learning plans.
In the coming weeks, I will be meeting with teachers to review and update ALPs for all identified gifted students. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.
Adrienne Doherty