Important New Traffic Procedures

With only 1 street entrance and 1 exit, the parking lot and street are very full as everyone is trying to pick up and drop off their students. Following the traffic rules will be critical to everyone’s safety. 
2019-2020 School Year Pick-Up Card Implementation for K-2
To ensure the safety and security of our students, we are introducing pick-up cards for all K-2nd-grade students of Global Village Academy Northglenn. Please carefully read the information provided below:
  1. The new ‘Pick-Up Card’ is meant to be used by the family members or other approved individuals for pick-up of students. These adults should show the “Pick-Up Card” to the PM teacher at the time of pick-up each day. This card helps ensure that a child is picked up by an approved person. The card will have the school’s logo, student name, and a personalized code for each child. READ MORE HERE
NEW THIS YEAR (2019-2020): The north gate (near 114th Ave and Melody Drive) is now an entrance only. A new exit only has been added to the east of this gate. Additionally, there have been changes to permitted street parking on both Melody Dr and 114th Ave. Please follow all designated signs and staff member instructions for this change. READ MORE HERE